AIAA 2015-16 Board Members and Biography



Jacqueline Swift President (Spring 2016)

 Hello!  My name is Jacqueline Swift and I am a Senior in Mechanical Engineering.  I joined AIAA in the Spring of 2014, back when I was a sophomore.  That same semester I attended my first rocket competition and my love of aerospace has taken off since then! Before president, I was the treasurer for AIAA as well as the Co-VP of communications for SWE at UIC. Aside from being an active member in student organizations I also TA for the student design course, ME 250.  If I’m not on campus you can probably find me watching a Chicago Blackhawks game.

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Matt Kubik President (Fall 2015)

 My name is Matthew Kubik, I have been a part of the AIAA here at UIC for about four and a half years, and started the Rocketry Team. I am a senior Chemical Engineering student in his last semester of classes. I am the AIAA’s NAR (National Association of Rocketry) L3 Certified team member, and I was also on the Track and Field team here at UIC. My future goals for after graduation are to work for NAVAIR (Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake in China Lake, CA) building and design rocket/missile motors. As of the moment I have a job offer with them that I am planning to accept this November.


 Faran Misaghi Vice President 

 Under-graduate lab assistant at Mechanical and Industrial Engineering department (UIC) and senior student majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Joined the club in 2014 as a member of design team for DBF (Design-Build-Fly) competition and currently holding the officer position. Also participating in Dr.Amin Salehi-khojin’s nano-materials and energy systems laboratory as an undergraduate assistant . Faran spends his limited free time catching up with his hobbies which include watching movies, listening to lectures from Dr.Neil deGrasse Tyson and playing video games.

 Ninoshka Llontop Lozano Treasurer

 Ninoshka Llontop is a sophomore in Mechanical Engineering . She works as an undergraduate research aide in the High Pressure Shock Tube Laboratory under Dr. Kenneth Brezinsky. Currently, She co-leads one of the BOR teams, Target Altitude and focusses on diverse electronic projects for the IREC competition. Also, Ninoshka is the VP of the Native Student Organization at UIC. During her free time you can find Ninoshka eating Peruvian food, listening to Led Zeppelin, obsessing about Arduino and understanding combustion chemistry. Otherwise, she can’t be found.

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Maciek Makowski Secretary 

 I am a Mechanical Engineering student, and joined AIAA in Fall 2013 as the DBF Structures Lead.  I became the DBF project manager for the 2014-2015 school year. I am trying to specialize in embedded systems. Currently I am working on a senior design project that includes an active stability control system for our BASIC rocket competition.


Tania Wilson Secretary

 I am Tania Wilson, junior year student pursuing for B.S in Chemical Engineering. I joined the AIAA in Spring 2015. I was inspired by all the hard working, welcoming and motivational members working on their projects and the best part was to see our rockets made being launched in the Rocket competition that year. Outside of school I currently do research under Dr.Liu and volunteer at the PAWS Dog Adoption Center. My biggest weakness of all time outside of school would be gaming, fitness, fashion trend and dogs!

Kevin Trevino Rocketry Manager

 Senior year mechanical engineering student, transferred from the College of DuPage and daily commuter from the suburbs. Currently leading the team for the IREC advanced category rocket and doing design work for the Liquid Bi-propellant Motor for the same rocket. Current projects include Soundproofing Meta-Materials for Dr. Xu (MIE department) as a Senior Design project and experience includes two internships working with automation for manufacturing and prototyping. Post graduation, will be moving to California to start a job in the Propulsion Systems Engineering Department at NavAir’s China Lake station. Hobbies include playing guitar, time-allowing, and plentiful naps when possible.
DBF Jameel

Jameel Darwish  Design Build Fly Manager

 I am this academic year’s Design/Build/Fly Project Manager! I am also a sophomore in the college of engineering, going for a Bachelor’s in ME & a minor in CS. This year I’m proud to be managing multiple projects including: 2 planes for WVU Intercollegiate Mountaineer Fly-off, & NASA Distributed Electronic Propulsion Design Challenge. I work at ACCC so I print for free (*wink wink* ladies). When I’m not on campus or working on DBF, I am: working as a kids Taekwondo instructor in Naperville, building my giant ‘industrial drone’, doing odd graphic design jobs for students, and not sleeping!

Dan Hajnos Quad Manager

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Enrique Zubieta Public Relations (Fall 2015)

I am Colombian, but grew up in Honduras, and just recently moved to the United States for college.I have always been interested in aerospace and avionics since i was a little. Since moving to the States I have participated in robotics and rocket competitions, where I have acquired valuable experience. I usually spend my free time either sleeping, playing soccer or volleyball or listening to music.

Anurag Gupta Public Relations (Fall 2015)

My name is Anurag Gupta and I am a sophomore in the Industrial engineering program. I am from Plymouth, Minnesota. Aerospace has always been a passion of mine and seeing an aerospace organization here at UIC allowed me fuel my interest even though no aerospace program exists at UIC. Being part of AIAA has given me the opportunity to learn valuable skills outside of the classroom. It has allowed me to network and connect with many great people.

Ashley Newton Public Relations (Fall 2015)

Arun Surath Chief Engineer

I’m Arun, an electrical engineering student and former web developer. I currently work as a research assistant and crew for the UIC sailing team. In AIAA I lead a BOR’s team and am a member of the bi-propellant rocket motor project. Also, as chief engineer, I provide technical help when teams and members encounter problems.