We meet almost every day in ERF B23, which can be found by going down the stairs to your right immediately after entering ERF from the Taylor Street entrance. Take the left and walk down the hall past our DBF sign and the room will be the second on your right. If you hit the elevators, you have gone too far. Major design groups include CAD/Design, Aerodynamics, Structures, Electronics, Mission Compatibility, Rocket Propulsion, and Flight Controllers.   For more information, join us in ERF B23 or email one of the officers below:
  • President – Tania Wilson E-mail:
  • Vice President – Jameel Darwish E-mail:
  • Treasurer – Michal Pekala E-mail:
  • DBF Manager- Matheus Scotti E-mail:
  • Rocket Team Manager – Matthew Valenzeno E-mail:
  • Quadcopter Team Manager– Daniel Hajnos E-mail:
  • Secretary – Joshua Benitez E-mail:
  • Public Relations– Jacqueline Swift E-mail:
Feel free to drop in on any of our meetings on our calendar.