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boeingpresentation_John Tracy

AIAA at UIC would like to thank John Tracy

We would like to thank John Tracy, Chief Technology Officer of Boeing, for coming to UIC and speaking with us last week. Dr. Tracy also gave a guest lecture to students and faculty about all the awesome work that Boeing has done and is planning to do in the future.   Thank you for coming out and speaking with us! boeingpresentationflyer   I would also like to thank the person responsible for the awesome picture taken below, which we used as the featured image. Image source:

We’d like to thank our friends at Death Wish Coffee

They’re sponsoring us by sending us some free coffee. As everyone knows, having a crippling coffee addiction is a requirement to be in our club. I’m actually looking forward to our late night work now. Thanks for the coffee! For those that haven’t tried it, you can order some from here: If you like coffee, I would try it at least once. If you’re lucky, you can try to stop by and hope we made extra!

Death Wish Coffee Logo

New Website

In flight photo of the 2012 competition model.

In flight photo of the 2012 competition model.

We have been working hard this semester on our new website and it’s finally almost ready! Our friends at SAE gave us some great advice on how to set up our new website using wordpress. I’d like to thank them for their help and hope they forgive our use of the same theme.