What do we do:

We make rockets not only for fun but also for competitions that we travel the country to participate!

By joining the rocketry team, you will gain/improve hands on skills, troubleshoot design problems, generate solutions and most importantly gain resume building projects to your repertoire. If you know Solidworks then you’ll be ahead, but if you don’t know Solidworks but then we will teach you! Plus, you’ll get to learn the opensource simulation program Open Rocket!

Starting off by making cardboard tubes fly from ~1000ft to ~5000ft all the way up to working on a metal and fiberglass combination fly up to ~30,000ft with parts entirely made in house. With the multitude of positions available in projects you’re sure to get a piece of the action in any project.

The Target and Rover Event Battle of the Rockets where we took Second Place in the Target Category. For the Target Event the rocket is meant to fly 1001ft exactly, the closest to the designated height wins. In the Rover Event the rocket acts as a vehicle for deploying a Mar’s Rover type vehicle that was designated three tasks: Move a certain distance, take a soil sample and take a picture of where the sample was taken. This competition took place in Virginia.

For the 2019-2020 year we plan to go to Argonia Cup where the rocket’s objective is to fly 8000+ ft and deploy some sort of vehicle to bring a golf ball close to a target. The Closest Team wins! This competition is all the way out in Argonia, Kansas.

Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition categories of Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) and Student Research and Design (SRAD). In IREC 2017 we took Second Place in COTS 30,000ft Category and First Place in SRAD 30,000ft Category. Similar to target the rockets are each meant to go up to 30,000 ft and for the SRAD category they are also given some sort of research task. We plan to keep coming back in the future for the prospect of advanced research and construction opportunities. This competition takes place at Spaceport America, New Mexico!

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